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Sep. 18th, 2016 05:50 pm
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Here he was. Again. Another Friday night where all the Avengers were having a celebration over a victory and Bucky told Steve he was passing on the festivities. Sure, he didn't think going would be bad. He'd have poked fun a little at Sam for whatever reason he could find, maybe talk to Wanda a little about things going on in their lives, shared a drink with his best friend the hero - but no.

No, instead, Bucky was climbing up the fire escape to a certain young hero's apartment window. It was a little ridiculous - the former assassin even calling himself stupid halfway up - but his limbs weren't stopping until he hit the top where he knocked on the closed window.

He glanced back at the city, taking a breath while he took in the sight as he waited patiently.

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They'd developed a pattern, between the two of them. Peter isn't entirely sure how it started, but he's gotten used to Bucky popping over for a visit every now and again - he says it like it's not a regular thing but it is, and honestly nowadays Peter doesn't have the time to worry about it.

There's a familiar knock at his window and Peter unlocks it with a thwip of webbing, pulling the window open from where he was facedown on his bed. It's a Friday night, but he won't be out patrolling for a few hours yet, and he's giving himself a break from the endless piles of homework.

"He-y," His greeting is muffled by the pillow, and Peter peeks up, tuft of hair sticking out. Even without seeing his face, it's obvious he's smiling sheepishly. "'ow're 'ou?"

Date: 2016-10-26 08:39 pm (UTC)
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"What? M'fine. M'good. So good. Gucci." Peter raised a hand in an 'a-ok' gesture before letting it flop uselessly against the pillow. So he's a little tired, so what? It'll pass, as all things do.

Peter grunted and turned his head just enough out of the pillow to see Bucky at the foot of his bed. He smiled tiredly, pillowing his arm under his cheek. "No rougher than usual. I'm just a little burnt out."


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